An Order for a Full House of Energy Efficient Insulated Window Blinds

Insulated Window Blinds

Insulated Window Blinds


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With an insulated R-Value of 6 to 13, our Insulated Window Blinds are the most cost-effective way to protect your windows from the summer time heat, the winter time cold, black out the sunshine to create a dark room for daytime sleepers or put up a sound barrier for noisy outside conditions such as barking dogs, trains or highway traffic.

Many people say that they sell various types of insulated window blinds, but in reality they do not meet the true definition of insulation because they do not have an assigned R-value, which means they do not qualify for a 10% Federal Tax Credit.

Our Insulated Window Blinds start at 1″ thick and offer an insulation R-Value of 6, which qualifies for the Federal Tax Credit. If you live in a cold climate like Chicago, you can increase the insulated blinds to a thickness of 2″ and provides a R-13 insulation value, which is the same R-value a standard wall.

Why is this important? They say that a 1/8″ crack around a door is the same as having a 2.5″ hole your home’s wall where hot and cold can seep in or leak out.

More importantly, a 3’x5′ window provides a much bigger hole in a home’s thermal energy envelope. A typical home has a window for every 100 sq. ft.  So a typical 2,500 sq. ft. home has 25 windows.  At 3’x5′ a window equals 15 sq. ft.  And 15 sq. ft. x 25 windows equals 375 sq. ft.

If the temperature outside is 100 degrees, then this means that a typical home has 375 sq. ft. of window space that is heating the home’s living space at a temperature of 100 degrees. This is equivalent to turning on all 4 burners of a kitchen stove in every room.

No one in their right mind would do this, right? Wrong. You would be surprised how many people leave their windows completely unprotected. This is why electricity bills are so high during the summer.

The same thing is true during the winter. If it is 10 degrees outside during a freezing winter night, the same home as above would have 375 sq. ft. of window space freezing a home at 10 degrees per window. This is similar to leaving the door open to a deep freezer in every room of your house.

No one in their right mind would do this, right? Wrong. From years of personal experience, people simply will not spend money to protect their windows because, until now, it has been too expensive.

Most people leave their windows completely unprotected because triple pane windows, sun screens, window film, and storm windows are too expensive. And none of them qualify for a 10% Federal Tax Credit because they don’t have an assigned R-Value.

Trying to Insulate Windows with Foil

Trying to Insulate Windows with Foil

As a result of this experience, we have personally seen everything under the sun stuffed into windows to keep out the sun and cold.

This includes foil, blankets, bubble wrap and a lot of other clever, but ineffective window coverings that violate most Home Owner Association (HOA) Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs).

Covering windows with our Insulated Window Blinds will look very nice and can save you money on both cooling and heating utility bills. No one but you will know that they are not real.

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