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Insulated Window Blinds
Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign



We will be conducting an Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign very soon to raise enough money to bring our Insulated Window Blinds to the United States and international markets.

We are collecting email addresses today from people who would like to be included in the first group of people we notify when the crowdfunding campaign is launched.

Like many successful crowdfunding campaigns, we plan to offer a significant Early Bird Special for the first 500 people that support our campaign.

The retail price for the insulated blinds will be around $10 per sq. ft. until we generate a sufficient order volume that allows us to negotiate better pricing with our commercial printer.

For the first day only or until we sell 500 units, we will be offering our Insulated Window Blinds for $5 per sq. ft., which is a 50% discount. For example, a 3×5 window needs 30 sq. ft. of vinyl to cover both sides. At $10 per sq. ft. x 30 sq. ft., one window would cost $300 at retail, but with the Early Bird Discount the price will only be would be $150. So getting in early is going to be really good deal.

Should we exceed our goal and raise more than $200k, we will be able to buy our own commercial printer and automated router (cutter), which is our ultimate goal. When this happens our production costs will be significantly lower and we will be able to lower the price of the Insulated Window Blinds plus have enough profit margin to pay a large salesforce.

We want our blinds to be the nicest and most affordable Insulated Window Blinds on the planet. The lower the price, the quicker the return-on-investment will be. We want to sell our Insulated Windows Blinds at price point that will be impossible for people to pass up because it will be the most affordable way possible to save money on their electricity/gas bills and reduce their home’s carbon footprint.

For people who have an interest and want to make a little extra cash, we will be seeking to hire around a 1,000 sales people throughout the United States once this crowdfunding campaign is complete. That breaks down to about 20 sales people per state.

The first 1,000 customers who buy our Insulated Window Blinds will be considered our test bed. We aren’t trying to sell customers a whole house full of Insulated Window Blinds right now, we just want you to buy two or three to test in one room.

The reason being is that we have a lot of product ideas on the drawing board. There are a million different types of windows and window sills. We need to know what they look like before launching a large-scale nationwide marketing campaign. We want to test our products in a 1,000 homes in every state and in every climate in order to see what types of roadblocks and hurdles we will need to overcome, if any.

And for people who are willing to invest a little money to buy a test set of our Insulated Window Blinds and help us evaluate them, we want to offer our first wave of supporters the opportunity to become our very first sales team.

Based on their own experience and energy bills it should be easy to begin selling these insulated window blinds to their friends and family based on their own experience. Thus, buying a set of Insulated Window Blinds will be kind of like on the job training. This will be our way of paying people back for helping us launch this business.

Perfect sales people will be home energy auditors, energy efficiency companies, solar installation companies, interior decorators, handyman, general contractors, moms, etc. because this product line will be a natural fit for their existing business portfolio. Owning an infrared thermometer or infrared scanner is a major plus and will move you to the front of the line.

When people verify with their own eyes via a laser thermometer that these blinds will keep their home’s indoor temperature 20 to 30 degrees higher than the outside temperature during the winter without the heater being turned on, these blinds will be an easy sell. They will also keep a room 15 to 20 degrees cooler than outside temperatures without the AC being turned on during the summertime.

Anyone could easily become a salesperson such as “Stay at Home Moms” that know how to measure correctly to within 1/16 of inch with a tape measure, can fill out a sales order form and then send it back via email. In fact, Moms usually buy the home’s interior decorating and pay the electricity bills, so Moms may actually be the best sales people of all.

Our main crowdfunding goal will be to sell customers Insulated Window Blinds for two or three windows for either the hottest or coldest room in their home or apartment and then let them tell us how they performed via monthly reports.  We specifically want to hear about the difference that our Insulated Windows Blinds made for the most uncomfortable room in their home. These research reports and customer feedback will become our future customer testimonials. Copies of electric bills with addresses and account number redacted would be very handy proving our proof-of-concept.

If you’d like to be in the very 1st wave of customers that we notify the second after we launch our crowdfunding campaign and/or get involved with our business, please fill out this form and tell us how you would like to be involved. Your information will be kept confidential and someone will be in touch with you ASAP.