Insulated Window Blinds Rolls Out Window Treatment Retailer Retention Program

Local Window Treatment Retailers Wanted to Sell Insulated Window Blinds


An Order for a Full House of Energy Efficient Insulated Window Blinds

An Order for a Full House of Energy Efficient Insulated Window Blinds

Insulated Window Blinds is currently seeking window treatment retailers to begin selling and installing energy efficient insulting window blinds to residential home owners, commercial building and hotels in hot places like Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, California and Florida as well as cold locations like Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, North/South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York and other frigid places.

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IKEA US to Sell Only Cordless Blinds and Window Coverings

Home Furnishing Retailer Plans to Raise Awareness of Important Home Safety Risk


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Conshohocken, Pennsylanvia – IKEA US announced that as of October 1, 2015, IKEA US stores will only sell window blinds and coverings with no cords or non-accessible cords. This announcement is part of the ongoing IKEA home safety program, Safer Homes Together, which focuses on educating customers about safety at home.

According to research by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, between 1996 and 2012, nearly one young child per month on average died from strangulation by window cords. These statistics make it evident that window blinds and coverings with exposed cords can be a hazard for young children.

“Product safety is the highest priority for IKEA, which is why we have been working to develop alternative solutions to exposed cords in window coverings. In 2012, IKEA made the commitment to only offer window blinds and coverings with no or non-accessible cords by January of 2016, and we’re pleased to be able to announce that we’ve met this commitment,” commented Heather Spatz, IKEA US Country Sales Manager. “IKEA is committed to working together with our customers to raise awareness of this important issue and to help families get the knowledge they need to ensure a safer everyday life at home.”

As of January 1, 2016, all IKEA stores globally will also offer only cordless blinds or window coverings.

In an effort to prevent any blind or window covering cord mishaps, IKEA reminds customers to check their window coverings to ensure that they do not pose a strangulation risk to young children. For more information about window covering safety and other important home safety information, please visit

Please also visit the CPSC Window Covering Information Center.

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