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Insulated Window Blinds Co. was founded by Robert Hoskins after working for almost 10 years in the solar power industry.  Before being approved for a solar power installation, electric utility companies require that any home that is more than 10 years old to undergo a home energy audit.

The purpose of a home energy audit is to measure the insulation of every home’s building envelope and reduce the home energy footprint as much as possible. This makes good common sense because it would not be wise to put a $20,000 solar system on a home that is leaking heating and air conditioning out of its windows, doors, roof tops, walls and/or floors. Right?

Not only do home energy audits help homeowners save money on their energy bills, but they also reduce the size of the solar system needed to power the home because after a home energy audit and following all of the recommended home improvements, the home will use less energy.

After personally performing a thousand or more home energy audits, Mr. Hoskins was able to offer a full portfolio of energy saving solutions that could be recommended to customers to help them save money by installing energy efficient lights, appliances, walls, roofs and lights, but the one weak spot that every customer had were their windows.

There are a million different types of blinds, shades, curtains that could be used to cover up windows and attempt to block out the sun and cold, but most of them are fairly expensive. And even if customers cover up their windows, all of these solutions still have gaps, creases, slats, etc. that allow energy leak in and out despite their cost.

The next step up from single pane window is installing double-pane and triple pane windows that are filled with expensive gases that may or may not leak out over time. The biggest problem is that energy efficient windows are very expensive and can range from $350 to $650 or more per window and at the maximum only provide an R-Value of 5.

Homeowners have a hard time signing the check for twenty-five $500 argon gas-filled, triple-pane glass windows.  And even triple pane glass windows are weak spot because they still provide an average of 15 sq. ft. of glass that is susceptible to being heated or cooled to near outside temperatures.

When customers startup crunching the numbers to determine whether or not windows provide a good return-on-investment with price tag, it doesn’t take them long  to figure out that an investment of $12,500 to install new windows simply doesnt save enough money on utility bills to provide a good return on investment.  They are simply too expensive to buy and install. More than 95% of American’s simply can’t afford to replace 25 windows at $500 a piece.

As a result, people stuff all kinds of things in their windows such as foil, blankets, bubble wrap, etc. to try to keep out the heat during the summer and the cold during the winter.  And most Home Owners Associations (HOA) frown on putting anything in windows except expensive blinds, shades or drapes.

Trying to Insulate Windows with Foil

Trying to Insulate Windows with Foil

They say that “Necessity” is the “Mother” of all invention.

In this case, Mr. Hoskins used his work experience of framing houses during college, conducting home energy audits for solar installation companies and 25 years of managing trade show booths to invent a new type of Insulated Window Blind.

He did this because not only did he need this type of solution for his own home Phoenix, because he knew first hand that people really needed a more cost-effective window insulation solution that would provide a quicker return-on-investment.

Most insulated walls have an R-value of 13.  Our 1″ insulated window blinds have an  R-Value of 6 and a 2″ blind offers an R-Value of 13.

If you live in Phoenix where summertime temperatures hover at from 105 to 115 degrees 24 hours a day or northern cities like Chicago, where the wintertime temperatures can range from zero to -20 degrees below zero for extended time periods, it is very easy to see why our Insulated Window Blinds can make a huge different in a customer’s future heating/cooling bills.

And the cool thing is that is as the seasons change, our window insulation blinds can be pulled out of the window in one-second. When not in use most people like to store them below the window leaned against the wall, stored in a garage overhead bin or leaned against the wall in a closet. Even though they are big and bulky, they are light weight and very easy to move.

Not only will our insulated window blinds save you money on utility bills, but they look great too. Instead of spending $20,000 to install nice cherry wood blinds, customers can simply go to Home Depot, Lowe’s or a blind store and take a picture of the expensive blinds they can’t afford to buy and we will print a picture of the blinds, shades or shutters an insulated window insulation board that looks like the real thing.  If fact, they look so real that the only way to tell they are not real is to touch them.

Last, but not least, is sound.  In addition to making a room dark for daytime sleepers, insulated window blinds also will significantly reduce the noise that penetrates windows from noisy neighbors, busy streets or passing trains and subways.

Sound good? Want to order some insulated window blinds? Great. We plan to charge a per sq. ft. price that hovers between $5 to $10 per sq. ft.  We are currently working with our vendors to get the price as low as possible, but like all business agreements the more volume we produce the better of a price that we can offer customers.

If you’d like us to put together a free quote for your home, please fill out this form and someone from our sales team will email you an order form that contains current pricing, measuring instruction and ordering and shipping timelines.

In addition to new customers, we are seeking retailers, resellers and distributors that would like to sell our Insulated Window Blinds on a global basis. Please fill out the same form and describe in the message box what type of role you would like to play in helping us grow our business.

And for the record we will keep all of your information private and never sell it to a third-party.


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