Why Blocking Heat Flow and Energy Loss is Important When Installing Insulated Window Blinds for Homes

The Key to Understanding the Best Window Replacement Strategies is to Understand How Windows Transfer Heat from One Place to Another


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Mesa, Arizona – There is a lot of information out there on energy efficient windows, but we really like the following information we pulled from a cool research report entitled “Windows: Energy Efficiency Facts and Myths.”

Windows Suffer a 60% Heat Gain During the Summer and Lose 25% Heat Loss in the Winter

The basic issue behind understanding energy efficient is heat flow: the transfer of heat energy from one place to another. It’s important to understand and remember that heat always flows from warm areas to cool ones.

In your home during the winter, heat does not just disappear it leaves. The opposite is true during the summer; the heat flows inside and forces your air conditioner to cool it to provide a comfortable living environment.

The level of winter heat loss and summer heat gain, along the efficiency of appliances, etc., plays a dominant role in determining energy costs. In a typical one-story house, 25% to 28% of heat loss occurs through the ceiling or roof, 22% to 25% is lost through the walls, 15% to 25% is lost through the windows and 5% to 10% is lost through the floor.

As the graphic above points out, windows suffer a 60% heat gain during the summer and a 25% heat loss during the winter.

Installing Insulated Window Blinds with an insulating R-Value of 6 or 13 in windows can help block both heat loss in the winter and sun gain in the summer for a very affordable price tag compared to triple pane window upgrades.

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