How Insulated Windows Blinds Can Help Block/Reflect the Sun’s Heat from Conduction, Convection and Radiation

Searching for a way to save money on electric/gas bills? Its important to learn how insulated window blinds can help block heat conduction, convection and radiation from the sun during hot summertime heat waves


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Understanding How the Sun's Heat from Conduction, Convection and Radiation Can Increase Energy Bills

Understanding How the Sun’s Heat from Conduction, Convection and Radiation Can Heat Up a Home’s Energy Envelope and Increase Heating and Cooling Utility Bills

Denver, Colorado – When trying to save money on monthly utility bills, it is important to understand how energy or heat flows into and out of a home’s windows. As pointed out in the graphic above, it is very important to understand three home energy terms: conduction, convection, and radiation.

Radiation is the transfer of heat through open space by electromagnetic waves from the sun.  This type of heat radiates in a straight line from a source to a cooler area.

Convection is the transfer of heat by the movement of liquids or gases. Commonly, this is referred to “air infiltration” or “drafts.”

Conduction is the transfer from one molecule to the next. A house loses most of its heat via conduction. Conducted heat travels from one molecule to the next and travels like a spill soaking into a paper towel: it spreads.  The rate of conduction depends on the type of material. If you place a metal rod near a fire, you will quickly feel the heat at the other end. This is because the rate of conduction is high and the rate of resistance is low. Try the same experiment with a wood rod and it would take much longer to feel the heat at the other end due to wood’s lower rated of conduction.

Conduction is also the reason that a tile floor will feel colder to a bare foot than a bathroom rug. Tile is a faster conductor, so the heat from the foot transfers to the tile much more quickly. The cold sensation felt by the skin is due to heat loss carried away by conduction.

Insulated Window Blinds work by blocking the cold/heat from seeping in through the windows via conduction and convection and one side of the insulated foam is coated with a sheet of radiant barrier foil that reflects the UV rays instead of letting them penetrate the window.

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The Features and Benefits of Insulated Window Blinds on Energy Bills

Benefits of Insulated Window Blinds

An Order for a Full House of Energy Efficient Insulated Window Blinds

An Order for a Full House of Energy Efficient Insulated Window Blinds

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Save Money:

  • Insulated Window Blinds Can Lower Heating/Cooling Bills
  • Insulated Window Blinds Look Like the Real Thing So No Need to Buy Expensive Wooden, Mini Blinds or Shutters
  • Insulated Window Blinds Comply with 99% of Neighborhood HOA’s CC&Rs
  • Insulated Window Blinds Save Enough Money on Energy Bills to Pay for Themselves in a Few Years

Easy to Install:

  • Insulated Window Blinds Are Easy to Install
  • Insulated Window Blinds Are Lightweight and Easy to Put Into/Take Out of Windows in Less than One Second
  • Insulated Window Blinds Require No Tools to Install if Measurements are Accurate When Ordered
  • Insulated Window Blinds Have No Moving Parts to Break
  • Insulated Window Blinds Are Super Easy to Clean

Energy Efficiency:

  • 1″ Insulated Window Blinds Provide an R-Value of 6
  • 2″ Insulated Window Blinds Provide an R-Value of 13
  • Insulated Window Blinds Improve a Home Energy Envelope
  • Insulated Window Blinds Can Help Eliminate Extremely Hot/Cold Rooms
  • Insulated Window Blinds Reduce Your Home’s Carbon Footprint and Help Reduce Greenhouse Emissions

Light Reduction:

  • Insulated Window Blinds Can Serve as Very Effective Blackout Blinds for Daytime Sleepers

Sound Reduction:

  • Insulated Window Blinds Can Serve as Noise Reduction Barriers to Outside Noise


  • Insulated Window Blinds Help Eliminate the Chance that Children Will Be Accidentally Injured
  • Insulated Window Blinds Help Eliminate the Chance that Cats/Dogs Will Be Accidentally Injured

Make Extra Money

  • An Insulated Window Blinds Business is Easy to Setup
  • Insulated Window Blinds is Seeking Retailers, Resellers and Distributors on a Worldwide Basis to Sell Our Products

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Why Blocking Heat Flow and Energy Loss is Important When Installing Insulated Window Blinds for Homes

The Key to Understanding the Best Window Replacement Strategies is to Understand How Windows Transfer Heat from One Place to Another


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Mesa, Arizona – There is a lot of information out there on energy efficient windows, but we really like the following information we pulled from a cool research report entitled “Windows: Energy Efficiency Facts and Myths.”

Windows Suffer a 60% Heat Gain During the Summer and Lose 25% Heat Loss in the Winter

The basic issue behind understanding energy efficient is heat flow: the transfer of heat energy from one place to another. It’s important to understand and remember that heat always flows from warm areas to cool ones.

In your home during the winter, heat does not just disappear it leaves. The opposite is true during the summer; the heat flows inside and forces your air conditioner to cool it to provide a comfortable living environment.

The level of winter heat loss and summer heat gain, along the efficiency of appliances, etc., plays a dominant role in determining energy costs. In a typical one-story house, 25% to 28% of heat loss occurs through the ceiling or roof, 22% to 25% is lost through the walls, 15% to 25% is lost through the windows and 5% to 10% is lost through the floor.

As the graphic above points out, windows suffer a 60% heat gain during the summer and a 25% heat loss during the winter.

Installing Insulated Window Blinds with an insulating R-Value of 6 or 13 in windows can help block both heat loss in the winter and sun gain in the summer for a very affordable price tag compared to triple pane window upgrades.

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Simple Payback Formula for Calculating the Cost, Energy Savings and the ROI for Replacing Single Panel Windows

With payback periods ranging from ~30 to 37 years, upgrading windows are unlikely to be an economically viable option for many homeowners


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Simple Payback Formula for Insulated Window Blinds

Simple Payback Formula for Insulated Window Blinds

Phoenix, Arizona  – A similar analysis was performed in this study with the goal of determining the payback period for window upgrades in several different climates. Philadelphia, PA was selected to represent a mixed temperature, humid climate. Miami, FL was selected to represent a hot, humid climate. Chicago, IL was selected to represent a cold, humid climate. Phoenix, AZ was selected to represent a hot, dry climate. Lastly, Anchorage, AK, was selected to represent a cold, dry climate.

Payback Analysis by Climate for Single Pane vs Double Pane Windows

Payback Analysis by Climate for Single Pane vs Double Pane Windows

It should also be emphasized here that the installation costs could increase the total upfront cost substantially. Although these results predict slightly shorter payback periods for other research reports, they confirm the same conclusions. With payback periods ranging from ~30 to 37 years, upgrading windows are unlikely to be an economically viable option for many homeowners.

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Payback Period for Replacing Single Pane Windows with Double Pane Windows Can Be as Long as 50 Years

 If Double Pane Uncoated Windows Are Replaced with Triple Pane Windows with Argon Gas and a Low-E Coating, the Payback Period is Typically around 100 Years


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Double Pane Windows vs. Triple Pane Windows

Double Pane Windows vs. Triple Pane Windows

New York City, New York – According to a recent finding published in the Buildings Energy Data Book, buildings consume approximately 40% of the nation’s energy. Approximately 56% of this energy is used for space heating and cooling as well as lighting applications, while 25% to 35% of this energy is wasted due to inefficient windows.

All of these factors are directly by the building envelope. In addition to other functions, successful building envelopes shield occupants from outside weather conditions, whether that be excessively hot temperatures in the summer or extremely cold temperatures in the winter, as well as provide a connection to the outside in terms of natural lighting and views.

One of the major challenges facing homeowners is the high capital cost associated with installing window upgrades. The cost of replacing all the windows in a residential building can be substantial.  However, the energy savings associated with replacing windows with their higher efficiency counterparts is typically relatively small.

The payback period for replacing single pane windows with double pane windows can be as long as 50 years for cold climates. This payback period will also increases as the quality of the existing window increases. When double pane uncoated windows are replaced with triple pane windows with argon fill and a low-e coating, the payback period is typically around 100 years for cold climates.

Therefore, for most homeowners it is necessary to determine alternative, lower-cost methods of reducing heat flow through their windows.

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How to Save Money on a Hotel’s Energy Bills with Insulated Windows Blinds that Put a Beautiful View in Every Room

How Hotels and Motels Can Save Money with Energy Efficient Insulated Window Blinds


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Las Vegas, Nevada – If you own or manage a hotel, luxury resort, convention center, bed and breakfast, or other hospitality type establishment, then we’d like to talk to you about hotel insulated window blinds. Have you ever seen one of these photo-wrapped window boards? Not only can insulated window blinds substantially lower your property’s energy bills for both electricity and natural gas, but they can provide every single room in a hotel or motel with a beautiful view that saves money and reduces a property’s carbon footprint.

For residential customers we typically print pictures of nice wooden blinds on the inside and white mini blinds for the outside. The only way that people can tell the difference from the real thing is to touch them.

For hotels and motels with rooms that overlook chillers, rooftops, bright lights, or other unsightly views, we can print pictures of the pool with lots of beautiful sunbathers, snow-capped Rocky Mountains, or a sunny, white sandy beach in Cancun on a 1″ think piece of insulated window foam. The gives the window an insulation R-Value of 6. It will completely block out all the sunshine, light and UV rays and also serve as a sound barrier.

Why not turn the first ugly window view into a beautiful sunny, white sandy beach window in Cancun like second one below?

Ugly View from Hotel Window

Bleak, Ugly Window View from Hotel Room

Beautiful View of White Sandy Beach in Cancun

Beautiful View of Beach from Hotel Room

Some hotels that we have showed our insulated window boards have also have asked if we can print hotel maps, city guides or sponsorship information on the window boards during a big convention. The answer is a resounding “yes.” We can print pictures of anything that a hotel manager desires, which presents a million new possibilities that can be delivered to enhance their windows’ views or generate advertising revenue for special events.

Installation is super easy and can be done in about one-second per window as long as the measurements are accurate. On nice days, insulated window blinds can be stored under the bed or in a closet. But when summertime heat waves exceed 110 degrees or when a wintertime blizzard comes blowing into town and drop temperatures down to -10 degrees below zero, these insulated window blinds can save hotel and motel operators 10% to 15% on cooling and heating bills. They are very durable, have no moving parts to break, no cords to create safety hazards and they have a lifetime of around 20 years with the proper care.

According to a leading Energy Star Research Report on Hotels and Motels, an average hotel spends about $2,196 on energy per room per year. If insulated window blinds can save 10% on energy costs, that would save over $220 per room per year for the next 20 years.

The cost to buy and install varies, but can usually be printed for $5 to $10 per sq. ft.  A typical hotel window is 16 ft. wide by 8 ft. high. So 128 sq. ft. x $5 per sq. ft. = $640 per window.

If each room saves $220 per room, the blinds would pay for themselves in less than 3 years.  And if energy prices continue to rise, the insulated window blinds will save $4,400 or more per room over the next 20 years. So a 100 room hotel would save approximately $440,000.

For really harsh environments, customers can order 2″ thick foam boards that offer an R-Value of 13. No other window treatment on the market can block the sun and the cold better than these insulated window blinds. They are great for rooms on the north or west side of a hotel and will extend the lifetime of your HVAC equipment because they will not have to work as hard to cool and heat.

And for hotel guests that care more and more about the world’s global warming problem, covering your windows with insulated window blinds will significantly reduce the hotel’s carbon footprint and give your marketing folks a great new green bullet point for websites and marketing materials.

Insulated Window Blinds block heat gain from the sun, thus the room will not get near as hot. Thus, your guests will not need to leave their rooms’ air conditioning on as long and can be set at a higher temperature. So if the guests do leave the AC on, it won’t have to work as hard to keep the room cool. And if they turn it off, the room will be much more comfortable when they get back.

This product also completely blocks out glare from sunlight and other light sources, allowing guests to feel more comfortable using their televisions and other electronic devices in the room. This means no more struggles with the annoying curtain light cracks make sleeping difficult.

And as an added bonus, with energy efficiency insulated window blinds, 100-percent of the sun’s damaging UV rays will be blocked. This means that the spectrum of the sun’s light which causes fading in your expensive hotel furnishings, draperies, upholstery, art, flooring, etc. will be eliminated.

Let’s recap. Your initial investment on the insulated window blinds and installation will be paid off in a few years with the savings in heating and cooling bills you will receive. And depending on the state, since this product has a rated R-Value, hotels may receive 10% to 30% state and federal tax credits on the cost of the insulated window blinds.

Insulated Window Blinds are something that more and more hotels and resorts are just now discovering because they are brand new.  They have many features and benefits, but can also be used to generate advertising revenue from local restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, and conventions that want to advertise on small portions of the window blinds.

For more information about our Insulated Window Blinds or to receive a free quote for a hotel, please contact us as soon as possible. Our contact information is in the upper righthand corner of this page.

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IKEA US to Sell Only Cordless Blinds and Window Coverings

Home Furnishing Retailer Plans to Raise Awareness of Important Home Safety Risk


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Conshohocken, Pennsylanvia – IKEA US announced that as of October 1, 2015, IKEA US stores will only sell window blinds and coverings with no cords or non-accessible cords. This announcement is part of the ongoing IKEA home safety program, Safer Homes Together, which focuses on educating customers about safety at home.

According to research by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, between 1996 and 2012, nearly one young child per month on average died from strangulation by window cords. These statistics make it evident that window blinds and coverings with exposed cords can be a hazard for young children.

“Product safety is the highest priority for IKEA, which is why we have been working to develop alternative solutions to exposed cords in window coverings. In 2012, IKEA made the commitment to only offer window blinds and coverings with no or non-accessible cords by January of 2016, and we’re pleased to be able to announce that we’ve met this commitment,” commented Heather Spatz, IKEA US Country Sales Manager. “IKEA is committed to working together with our customers to raise awareness of this important issue and to help families get the knowledge they need to ensure a safer everyday life at home.”

As of January 1, 2016, all IKEA stores globally will also offer only cordless blinds or window coverings.

In an effort to prevent any blind or window covering cord mishaps, IKEA reminds customers to check their window coverings to ensure that they do not pose a strangulation risk to young children. For more information about window covering safety and other important home safety information, please visit

Please also visit the CPSC Window Covering Information Center.

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How Insulated Window Shades Can Help Cut Your Home’s Energy Costs

Combining insulated window shades with window curtains will give you the best energy efficiency


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San Diego, California – Are you concerned about your home’s carbon footprint? Or maybe you are just concerned about how high your utility bills have been because of the recent heat wave in Southern California.

Recent studies demonstrate that up to 40% of our energy costs are spent on heating and cooling the home. Unfortunately a lot of this money is simply going out the window. Window coverings  may help you lower your carbon foot print and your monthly utility bill.

For many homeowners, the goal of window coverings is for blocking light and finishing a room. Today you also have very attractive choices in window blinds and shutters that act as insulation for your home. Today’s window covering can actually trap air between the glass and the window covering keeping the air conditioned or heated air in the home.

Glass is a conductor of heat and cold and with today’s home designs and downtown condo’s windows are used extensively. Ever touch a glass of hot water or cold water the temperature goes right through the glass, the same is happening with your home.

There is an easy solution to this and the solution is very affordable in comparison to E-Glass. Not all window coverings are the same when it comes to energy efficiency. Aluminum blinds and Vertical blinds offer the least insulation since they have gaps that impair the coverage of the windows. Window shutters are much better but still have some gaps but are one of the better choices. Cellular shades we recommend as the cells are designed to trap air and when custom designed sit very flush in the window frame.

Combining cellular shades with window curtains will give you the best energy-efficiency. Curtains that are designed correctly with pelmets prevent air from escaping upwards into a room and a total block out lining prevents air from escaping.

Today’s homes are designed to be more energy efficient from appliances to solar panels but many times the window coverings are overlooked. San Diego Window Fashions is San Diego’s most trusted name for affordable window coverings and blinds. With over a decade of experience in the window covering industry we off all the top brands at affordable prices.

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San Diego Window Fashions Make Your Home More Beautiful and Building Envelope More Energy Efficient

Adding insulated window treatments like cellular shades will provide extra protection during hot summer days


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San Diego, CaliforniaSan Diego Window Fashions is a leading window treatment company in San Diego. Chris Lavertu, the owner, says, “Business has been great due to the recent uptick in home remodels and the hot weather.” Summer is in full swing in San Diego and so has been the heat. Chris Lavertu, owner of San Diego Window Fashions, says, “Adding a quality window treatment like cellular shades will provide extra insulation during these hot summer days. Many of our clients that are east of Highway 5 are using cellular shades and Roman shades to help insulate their homes.”

San Diego Window Fashions is a unique window treatment company as they will bring their quality window coverings and shutters right to the customer. Chris says, “By eliminating the cost of a large showroom and staff we can usually beat our top competitors by 25% or more, and the customers never have to leave their home, we come right to them.”

With over two decades of experience in window coverings and shutters, San Diego Window Fashions can provide great at home service for limited or large budget projects. The true benefit really comes in when a client can hold up a window shade or window shutter and see how it will look in their home. It is much more convenient than standing in the showroom of a Home Depot trying to figure out if the design matches your furnishings.

Whether you are looking for the privacy of blackout shades or the convenience of motorized blinds, San Diego Window Fashions has all the top window treatments available by all the top manufacturers. And for those who suffer from allergies many of the window shades and window blinds offered by San Diego Window Fashions are dust repellant.

Chris says, “Many of our customers in high rise buildings and seniors are opting for motorized blinds. Not only are they motorized but they are programmable.” Chris goes on to say, “We had a client that bought cellular shades for their home say their home now stays 10 degrees cooler since installing the shades.” This client is also reporting a large drop in their energy bill since installing the shades.

If you are looking to finish your home with beautiful new window treatments or simply trying to lower your energy usage, San Diego Window Fashions has a window treatment for you, and you will never have to leave your home for the consultation.

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Levolor and Lowe’s How to Measure Blinds for Windows and Doors


Levolor and Lowe’s “How to Measure”
Blinds For Windows and Doors


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With Levolor Custom Size Now, the perfect fit is perfectly simple.

Your home is an expression of you and you enjoy getting it just the way you want it. Levolor understands and makes it easy to bring home custom-cut blinds and shades today.

Introducing Levolor Custom Size Now blinds and shades, sold exclusively at Lowe’s, available in a breadth of styles and colors that are custom-cut for free while you shop. Levolor and Lowe’s make taking home your perfect fit perfectly simple.

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