What is an Insulated Window Blind?

Insulated Window Blinds


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Not only do they look just like the real thing, Insulated Window Blinds can reduce your heating/cooling bills by up to 15% to 25%!

First, select a picture from our photo album of window treatments or take your own picture of your favorite blinds, shades or shutters like this:

Insulated Oak Wooden Window Blinds

Next, we print the picture of the blinds, shades, shutters or any picture you want on to a 1″ or 2″ piece of insulated foam core and then turn it into an Insulated Window Blind that looks like this:

Insulated Wooden Oak Window Blind

Last, we insert the Insulated Window Blinds into your window sill and make your windows look just like this. They look so real that no one will ever know they are really just a picture printed on to a piece of insulated foam board with an R-value of 6 to 13. The only way to recognize that they are not the real thing is to touch them. Otherwise, they look just like the real thing and are much more affordable than regular blinds and will save you lots of money on monthly energy bills.

Insulated Wooden Oak Blinds Outside View

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